Parallel Sessions Program - Thursday 2 July (afternoon)

Aula Minor 14,30 - 18,30 Dark Matter Searches
Aula 5 14,30 - 18,30 Atmospheric Neutrinos and Beams
Aula 6 14,30 - 18,30 Double Beta Decay
Aula 8 14,30 - 18,30 Gravitational Waves

Dark Matter Searches: Directional WIMP searches, other techniques and axions
[Conveners: F. Donato, J. Morales, C. Munoz, N. Spooner]
Aula Minor (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: José Angel Villar
Results from DMTPC 10-liter prototype (15'+5') slides
Denis Dujmic (MIT)
Underground Low Flux Neutron Background Measurements in LSM Using A Large Volume (1m3) Spherical Proportional Counter (15'+5') slides
Ilias Savvidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
DRIFT update (15'+5') slides
Mark Pipe (University of Sheffield)
Dark Matter Searches with the PICASSO experiment at SNOLab (15'+5') slides
Berta Beltran (University of Alberta)
COUPP (15'+5') slides
Andrew Sonnenschein (Fermilab)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Klaus Eitel
Dark Matter Search with CCDs (DAMIC) (15'+5') slides
Juan Estrada (Fermilab)
Limits on Low-Mass WIMP Dark Matter with an Ultra-Low-Energy Germanium Detector at 220 eV Threshold (15'+5') slides
Henry Wong (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
LIPSS Experiment: Free-Electron Laser in Search for Dark Matter Candidates (15'+5') slides
Andrei Afanasev (Hampton University/Jefferson Lab)
Axion Dark matter Revisited (15'+5') slides
Luca Visinelli (University of Utah)
Latests results from the CERN Axion Solar Experiment (15'+5') slides
Igor Irastorza (University of Zaragoza)

Atmospheric Neutrinos and High Energy Neutrino Beams
[Conveners: J. Bernabeu, A. Guglielmi, E. Lisi, Y. Suzuki]
Aula 5 (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Francesco Ronga
Current MINOS neutrino oscillation results (15'+5') slides
Alec Habig (Minnesota Duluth U.)
Probing theta_13 with global neutrino data analysis (15'+5') slides
Antonio Palazzo (IFIC, Valencia)
Status of the T2K long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment (15'+5') slides
Atsuko Kondo-Ichikawa (Kyoto U.)
The ND280m detectors contribution to the T2K neutrino measurements (15'+5') slides
Magali Besnier (Lab. Leprince Ringuet)
CP violation studies via Beta and EC-decay channels of the same ion (15'+5')
Maria-Catalina Espinoza-Hernandez (IFIC, Valencia)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Alberto Guglielmi
Emulsion analysis in the OPERA experiment (15'+5') slides
Naotaka Naganawa (Nagoya U.)
Status report of ICARUS T600 at the LNGS (15'+5') slides
Alessandro Menegolli (INFN, Pavia)
ArgoNeuT, a Liquid Argon TPC in a low energy neutrino beam (15'+5') slides
Joshua Spitz (Yale U.)
The Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment at DUSEL (15'+5') slides
Jelena Maricic (Drexel U.)

Double Beta Decay
[Conveners: F. Avignone, C. Cattadori, A. Faessler, F. Piquemal]
Aula 6 (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Amand Faessler
Variances and Covariances of the Nuclear Matrix Elements for the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (20'+5') slides
Anna Maria Rotunno (Univ. of Bari)
New Concepts for the Gaseous Xenon Detector for Double-Beta Decay (20'+5')
David Sinclair (Carleton University)
Test of the Single State Dominance Hypothesis for the Two-Neutrino Double Beta Decay (20'+5')
Oscar Moreno (Universidad Complutense, Madrid)
MOON for Double-Beta Decays and Neutrino Nuclear Responses (20'+5')
Ken-Ichi Fushimi (Osaka University)
16,20 - 16,40     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Carla Cattadori
The NEMO-III and SuperNemo (20'+5') slides
Francois Mauger (LPC, Caen)
Neutrino mass, neutrinoless double EC and rare beta decays (20'+5') slides
Jouni Suhonen (Univ. Jyväskylä)
Searching for Double-Beta Decay with the Enriched Xenon Observatory (20'+5') slides
Lisa Kaufman (University of Maryland)
The effective neutrio mass at the milli-eV-frontier (20'+5') slides
Serguey Petcov (SISSA, Trieste)
NEXT: Searching for the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with a Gas-Xenon TPC (15'+5') slides
Pau Novella (CIEMAT)

Gravitational Waves From underground up: preparing for the next nearby supernova.
[Conveners: A. Giazotto, E. Katsavounidis, K. Kuroda]
Aula 8 (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Erik Katsavounidis
Search for bursts with LIGO, GEO and Virgo (15'+5') slides
Nicolas Leroy (University of Paris-Orsay)
Status of neutrino detectors (20'+5') slides
Walter Fulgione (INAF - IFSI Torino)
Search for neutrinos from core-collapse supernova from the global network of detectors (15'+5') slides
Alex Habig (University of Minnesota)
The future of neutrino detectors (15'+5') slides
Kate Scholberg (Duke University)
Supernovae rates, models and waveforms (20'+5') slides
Christian Ott (CalTech)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Kazuaki Kuroda
Using neutrinos to search for GW signals (15'+5') slides
Giulia Pagliaroli (INFN, Gran Sasso)
Multiwavelength observations with LIGO (15'+5') slides
Laura Cadonati (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
Gravitational wave-neutrino joint search for core-collapse supernovae (15'+5') slides
Erik Katsavounidis (MIT)
Round-table discussion (30')