Parallel Sessions Program - Friday 3 July (afternoon)

Aula Minor 14,30 - 18,30 Dark Matter Searches
Aula 1 14,30 - 18,30 Outreach and Education
Aula 5 14,30 - 18,30 Double Beta Decay
Aula 6 14,30 - 18,30 High Energy Astrophysics
Aula 8 14,30 - 18,30 Solar, Reactor, Low Energy Neutrinos

Dark Matter Searches: WIMP searches with bolometers and scintintillators
[Conveners: F. Donato, J. Morales, C. Munoz, N. Spooner]
Aula Minor (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Michael Kachelriess
Dark Matter Searches with the experiment EDELWEISS-II (15'+5') slides
Véronique Sanglard (Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon)
BGO scintillating bolometer: its application in dark matter experiments (15'+5') slides
Ysrael Richard Ortigoza Paredes (University of Zaragoza)
The expected background spectrum in NaI dark matter detectors and the DAMA result (15'+5') slides
Vitaly Kudryavtsev (University of Sheffield)
Technical aspects and dark matter searches (15'+5') slides
Francesco Nozzoli (Universita' e INFN Roma Tor Vergata)
Inert Doublet Model and DAMA: elastic or inelastic dark matter candidates (15'+5') slides
Chiara Arina (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)
16,20 - 16,40     Coffee Break (20')
Chair: Jorge Puimedon
Relevance of ion channeling for direct dark matter detection (15'+5') slides
Graciela Gelmini (Physics Dept. UCLA)
Elastic and Inelastic LSP-Nucleus Scattering on Medium-Heavy Nuclei (15'+5') slides
Jouni Suhonen (University of Jyväskylä)
ANAIS collaboration. Status Report on the ANAIS experiment (15'+5') slides
Carlos Pobes (University of Zaragoza)
Tidal effect in the Radon-due neutron flux from the Earth’s crust (15'+5') slides
Yuri Stenkin (Inst. for Nuclear Research of Russian Academy of Sciences)
Dark matter search by means of segmented scintillator (PICO-LON) (15'+5') slides
Ken-Ichi Fushimi (The Univ. of Tokushima)
(In)visible Z' and dark matter (15'+5') slides
Yann Mambrini (LPT, Orsay)

Education and Outreach
[Conveners: R. Antolini, C. Bradaschia, J. Jackson]
Aula 1 (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Judy Jackson
How CERN deals with high visibility (15'+5') slides
Antonella Del Rosso (CERN)
Education and Public Outreach of the Pierre Auger Observatory (15'+5') slides
Greg Snow (University of Nebraska)
Astronomy's New Messengers: A LIGO traveling exhibit to reach out to a young adult audience (15'+5') slides
Marco Cavaglià (University of Mississippi - Department of Physics and Astronomy)
European Week of Astroparticle Physics (15'+5') slides
Arnaud Marsollier (ASPERA)
Outreach activities of KamLAND (15'+5') slides
Tadao Mitsui (Research Center for Neutrino Science, Tohoku University)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Roberta Antolini
ESOF 2010 exactly one year ahead (15'+5') slides
Enrico Predazzi (Università di Torino)
Science in the Neighborhood (15'+5') slides
Judy Jackson (Fermilab)
The "100 Euro" interferometer (15'+5') slides
Carlo Bradaschia (INFN - Pisa)
Gran Sasso National Laboratory: Outreach and Communication activities (15'+5') slides
Adriano Di Giovanni (LNGS - INFN)

Double Beta Decay
[Conveners: F. Avignone, C. Cattadori, A. Faessler, F. Piquemal]
Aula 5 (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Fabrice Piquemal
Effective Operators for the pionic Contributions to the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay derived from Quarks (20'+5')
John D. Vergados (Univ. of Ioannina)
From CUORICINO to CUORE: Investigating Neutrino Properties with Double-Beta Decay (20'+5') slides
Monica Sisti (Universita` and INFN Milano Bicocca)
The Lepton Number Violating Double Electron Capture (20'+5')
Alexander Merle (Max Planck Inst., Heidelberg)
Status of the COBRA Experiment (20'+5') slides
Kai Zuber (Technische Universitaet Dresden)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Kai Zuber
The DCBA Experiment for Studying Neutrino less Double-Beta Decay (20'+5') slides
Nubuhiro Ishihara (KEK)
Double Beta-Decay of 109Cd with the TGV-2 Experiment (20'+5') slides
Nikolay Rukhadze (JINR Dubna)
Candles for the Study of Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay (20'+5') slides
Izumi Ogawa (Osaka University)
SNO+ (20'+5') slides
Carsten Krauss (Alberta U.)

High Energy Astrophysics
[Conveners: R. Aloisio, J. Buckley, T. Montaruli]
Aula 6 (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Roberto Aloisio
M87 and CenA: laboratories for VHE physics of jets and near super-massive black holes (15'+5') slides
Martin Raue (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik, Heidelberg)
VERITAS (15'+5') slides
David Hanna (McGill University)
Gamma Ray Astronomy with the ARGO-YBJ experiment (15'+5') slides
Tristano Di Girolamo (Universita' di Napoli Federico II and Sezione INFN Napoli)
Have Cherenkov telescopes detected a new light boson? (15'+5') slides
Marco Roncadelli (INFN Pavia)
CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) (15'+5')
Robert Wagner (Max-Planck-Institute for Physics, Munich)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Teresa Montaruli
Search for neutrinos of astrophysical origin with IceCube (15'+5') slides
Andreas Gross (University of Canterbury)
First results of the ANTARES neutrino telescope (15'+5')
Juan de Dios Zornoza (IFIC and Valencia U.)
Lake Baikal: from Megaton to Gigaton (15'+5') slides
Bair Shaybonov (JINR, Dubna)
KM3NeT: a cubic kilometre-scale deep sea neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea (15'+5') slides
Anna Rita Margiotta (Bologna University and INFN)
Limit on the diffuse flux of ultra-high energy neutrinos using the Pierre Auger Observatory (15'+5') slides
Pierre Billoir (LPHE, Paris)

Reactor and Supernovae Neutrinos, Cross Section
[Conveners: M. Chen, K.T. Inoue, V. Matveev, G. Raffelt]
Aula 8 (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Georg Raffelt
A search for supernova relic neutrino at Super-Kamiokande (15'+5') slides
Takashi Iida (ICRR, University of Tokyo)
Diffuse neutrino flux from failed supernovae (15'+5') slides
Cecilia Lunardini (Arizona State University)
Neutrino and antineutrino spectral splits from collective effects in supernovae (15'+5') slides
Irene Tamborra (University and INFN Bari)
The nuclear response of the COBRA detector to supernova neutrino energy spectra (15'+5') slides
Theocharis Kosmas (University of Ioannina)
Long-term study of low energy counting rate with the Large Volume Detector (15'+5') slides
Gianmarco Bruno (INFN-LNGS and University L'Aquila)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Karsten Heeger
Reactor neutrino detection for non proliferation with the Nucifer experiment (15'+5') slides
Amanda Porta (CEA-Saclay)
Investigating the nuclear response of Te isotopes to supernova neutrinos (15'+5') slides
Vaitsa Tsakstara (University of Ioannina)
Lepton-nucleon interactions at the next-to-leading order (15'+5') slides
Aleksandrs Aleksejevs (Memorial University Newfoundland)