Parallel Sessions Program - Saturday 4 July (afternoon)

Aula Minor 14,30 - 18,30 Dark Matter Searches
Aula 5 14,30 - 18,30 Atmospheric Neutrinos and Beams
Aula 6 14,30 - 18,30 High Energy Astrophysics
Aula 8 14,30 - 18,30 Solar, Reactor and Low Energy Neutrinos

Dark Matter Searches: Dark matter theory and indirect WIMP searches
[Conveners: F. Donato, J. Morales, C. Munoz, N. Spooner]
Aula Minor (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Fiorenza Donato
Dark matter annihilation at cosmological redshifts: possible relic signal from WIMPs annihilation (15'+5') slides
Anton Baushev (JNR, Dubna)
Right-handed sneutrino as WIMP dark matter in the NMSSM (15'+5') slides
David G. Cerdeno (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
Sneutrino Dark Matter (15'+5') slides
Bhaskar Dutta (Texas A&M University)
Sneutrino as DM candidate and dynamical generation of neutrino masses (15'+5') slides
Federica Bazzocchi (Vrije Universitet)
Light neutralinos and neutrino signal (15'+5') slides
Viviana Niro (MPIK, Heidelberg)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Francesco Arneodo
Pamela and Fermi data: A new background for future dark matter searches? (15'+5') slides
Carlos Yaguna (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
Results and Prospects of Dark Matter Searches with IceCube (15'+5') slides
Gustav Wikström (Stockholm University)
Astrophysical boost factor and Dark Matter indirect detection (15'+5') slides
Timur Delahaye (Torino University / LAPTh Annecy)
Galactic positrons and electrons from dark matter and astrophysical sources (15'+5') slides
Roberto Lineros (Torino University)

Atmospheric Neutrinos and High Energy Neutrino Beams
[Conveners: J. Bernabeu, A. Guglielmi, E. Lisi, Y. Suzuki]
Aula 5 (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Eligio Lisi
New Results from the MiniBooNE Experiment at Fermilab (15'+5') slides
Michael Shaevitz (Columbia U.)
The Double LAr project (15'+5') slides
Paola Sala (University of Milano and INFN)
Non-standard neutrino interactions from low-scale seesaw models (15'+5') slides
He Zhang (KTH, Stockholm)
Results of nucleon decay search in Super-Kamiokande-I+II (15'+5') slides
Kenji Kaneyuki (ICRR, Tokyo)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Jose Bernabeu
Final results of a search for neutron-antineutron oscillation in SK-I (15'+5')
Jun Kameda (ICRR, Tokyo)
Oscillations of very low energy atmospheric neutrinos (15'+5') slides
Orlando Peres (Unicamp)
Atmospheric Neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande (15'+5') slides
Roger Wendell (Duke U.)
Sensitivity on Earth Core and Mantle densities using Atmospheric Nu's (15'+5') slides
Ofelia Pisanti (U.Federico II, Naples)
Cosmic Neutrinos: Flavor Composition at Source and Mixing Parameters (15'+5') slides
Arman Esmaili Taklimi (IPM, Tehran)

High Energy Astrophysics
[Conveners: R. Aloisio, J. Buckley, T. Montaruli]
Aula 6 (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Teresa Montaruli
Interpretations of the positrons flux observed by PAMELA (25'+5') slides
Paolo Lipari (INFN, Roma)
Dark Matter Searches with gamma-ray measurements (15'+5') slides
Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins (CCAPP, Ohio State University)
Evolution of the cosmic ray anisotropy above 100 TeV (15'+5') slides
Piera Luisa Ghia (IFSI/INAF, Torino, LNGS/INFN, Assergi and IPN/CNRS, Orsay)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Roberto Aloisio
Hybrid detection of UHECR with the Pierre Auger Observatory (15'+5') slides
Mariangela Settimo (INFN Lecce)
Study of Acoustic Ultra-high energy Neutrino Detection (SAUND) phase II (15'+5') slides
Naoko Kurahashi (Stanford University)
Neutrino oscillations in MHD supernova explosions (15'+5') slides
Shio Kawagoe (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
Cosmic Ray Studies with the OPERA detector at Gran Sasso (15'+5') slides
Nicoletta Mauri (Bologna University and INFN)

Neutrino Oscillations, Neutrino Mass and Internal Properties
[Conveners: M. Chen, K.T. Inoue, V. Matveev, G. Raffelt]
Aula 8 (14,30 - 18,30)
Chair: Tadao Mitsui
The Double Chooz Experiment - toward the high precision measurement in the quest for theta13 (15'+5') slides
Jelena Maricic (Drexel University)
A High-Precision Measurement of theta13 with the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment (15'+5') slides
Karsten Heeger (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Moessbauer experiment with neutrinos and neutrino oscillations (15'+5') slides
Evgeny Akhmedov (MPI Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg)
Neutrino oscillations in matter with varying density (15'+5')
Ara Ioannisian (Yerevan Physics Institute)
Magnus approximation for neutrino oscillations with three flavors in matter (15'+5') slides
Alexis Aguilar-Arevalo (Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM)
16,20 - 16,50     Coffee Break (30')
Chair: Martin Hirsch
The KATRIN Experiment (15'+5')
Marcus Beck (Univ. Muenster)
Measuring neutrino mass with radioactive ions in a storage ring (15'+5') slides
Christopher Orme (IPPP, Durham University, UK)
Measurements of neutrino-electron scattering cross section and the EW Parameters at the Kuo-Sheng reactor neutrino laboratory (15'+5') slides
Muhammed Deniz (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Electromagnetic properties of neutrinos (15'+5') slides
Alexander Studenikin (Moscow State University)